Mindful On Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom and I am thinking of all the Women who have been and are mothers to me, as well as all the Mothers who are taking care of others right now.

On the day this photo was taken, Thursday 8 February 2018, I had just attended a small and intense prayer session with two ladies who helped me to be open to what was being shown for my life.

The ‘vision’ was too big to be of my own thinking and it was too unbelievable to get my head around … I was told that most people come up with a picture of themselves holding a teddy bear, or a box of chocolates. I cannot yet share what that vision is, but it is big and there is no way on earth that I could carry this out by myself.

The day after this picture was taken, I found myself enquiring about travelling with the TBN London Studios tour group to Israel … bookings had closed a month previously. Three weeks later, after having a day of panic too, I was on the plane bound for Tel Aviv.

I have barely stopped for breath since the day this picture was taken, by my daughter, Amber Maxwell Boydell, when we ate lunch in Edinburgh in a French cafe shortly afterwards. I was in shock still, following the prayer session, and have still not fully understood it. Our meal was beautiful; I was in a state of exhaustion and managed to drive us home after the sustaining lunch, a bit dazed!

We are living in unprecedented times and it is incredible that we all have access to the internet and can be connected through a variety of means.
I have been well prepared for this time, having lived behind closed doors for most of the last ten years and before that as well.

My week in Israel was huge.

Three weeks after returning, I sat for eight hours and took notes during the live screening of a BrainAThon, hosted by John Assaraf, CEO of NeuroGym. I have been training my physical brain since the end of March 2018, having signed up for a programme with NeuroGym a week after the BrainAThon.

My contact with the outside world has grown exponentially since, and my brain has been flexed in every direction, well fit for the next part of life now. All the cobwebs are receding and full truth is coming through, as I wake up to the realisation that I am equipped and have been in training for way more than I could ever have anticipated.

My blog, all the platforms I write on and contribute to, and all the work behind the scenes, as well as each of the very strategic contacts and courses, have all brought me to this moment where, on Mothers Day 2020 I am astounded at how much God has done in my life in the space of two years.

If indeed there is a God, there is indeed also the opposite character and I have been subjected to almighty waves that most do not know about and those who know some do not know all.

I have grown and grown and grown and grown and I am stronger now than I have ever been before. Every battle and everything that has come against me or anything that is mine has made me a more robust survivor and yet I have also become more Woman and Mother than ever imagined or able to do by myself.

I am therefore extremely grateful to every person and every setback that has spoken or acted or been against me. Thank you … you’ve made me into the golden girl that God wanted me to be.

I am humbled by the younger people who have contacted and approached me and who have gathered around to love and to seek guidance from me too.

I could never ever have imagined that someone would write and tell me that I am like a Mother to him; I could never have imagined that, as I stood quietly ‘listening’ at a prayer gathering in Edinburgh one night recently, a young woman called Hope would come up to me and tell me that God has a plan and that He is with me, nor that He has many ‘spiritual children’ … I won’t share more than this.

God bless all the Mothers who have been role models and friends to me and God bless every person on this earth who may or may not know their heavenly Father, who loves every single one of us and who forgives us for every single thing we have ever ever done, BECAUSE HE LOVES US UNCONDITIONALLY and He longs to be in close and loving relationship with us.

I am blessed to be able to share my heart and to use the written word to share and to lift others up in the process of doing life myself.

I am now able to find the strength and the ability to stand on stages and to speak to the world again … this is an incredible turnaround for someone who had suffered a full and complete nervous breakdown in June 2006. It has been a very long journey back to this point.

Whatever you are experiencing this day and at this time, I want you to know that this will pass, whether we come out alive or we do not, and that we are loved by a heavenly Father who absolutely wants us to draw in under his precious and beautiful wings, his loving arms are stretched out to gather us and He will never ever do us harm, in any way at all.

Know that you are a child of the universe, that we each are, and that we are loved.

“No weapon formed against you will prosper” … draw in and come in close to the Light and the source of all healing and grace. Just ask God to help you and, if you want to ask His son to be a part of your life, just say “Lord Jesus, come into my heart, I make you my Lord and Saviour and I ask you to take over and to direct my life.” The Holy Spirit will then help you, as it is his work to do that for each of us on earth.

Stay in the Light.

Watch and listen to what will bring you health, heart, healing and grace.

Take care of your bodies, your temples and your vehicles for this one precious life on earth.

Love is the only thing that we need as seed to grow all else.

God bless and big hugs of love,

Holly x

This was originally written and posted on Facebook, Sunday 22 March 2020.

Special Note:

I have begun to share prayers on my YouTube channel, which you might like to subscribe to as well. Click on this link to take you there.

If you would like to join the newly formed private prayer group on Facebook, “Prayer And Love“, please feel free to contact me there.

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