There Are No Limits

Woman. Seated on Aeroplane. Pensive.   (c) Holly Maxwell Boydell

The Author

After years of pushing through to get to a point of freedom within myself …

I am telling you …
There are no limits.

This is me … finding my way back to my adventurous self on my birthday a few years ago when I took to the skies …

I had been broken in ways that made life so hard to do on a daily basis, but I did it anyway. I had battled on, but some things I just could not face nor even try to contemplate attempting.In 2006, my nervous system was in collapse, I was chronically fatigued and had a battle to do most of what I managed to do every single day. I worked so hard at being, that many could not understand what was ‘wrong’ with me nor that I was doing Trojan battle inside just to keep upright.

I could not cross a road by myself, let alone drive. I was fearful of loud noises, I was constantly on the verge of panic attack.

I managed to parent, to love, to mentor and to guide others, but I was suffering debilitating lack of confidence and struggled to string sentences together.

Everything was hard.

The journey to the point where I am in a small aeroplane in this photo was a potholed and a blessed one.

I have so much more to share, but just wanted to say …

There are no limits and there is no excuse not to at least TRY to raise the timbre of your life.

I have faced giants and I know. I’m here to tell my story and that is why I know what I know is true and it is my story, so no one knows it better than I do.


Might you be able to help someone else to find their way and to thrive?

I am passionate about helping others up and lifting as I climb and grow and heal beyond imagining.

It is an absolute pleasure to introduce everyone I am connected with to Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, hosts of an event to be held GLOBALLY online next Thursday, 27th February 2020.

These two gentlemen have done remarkably, transforming their own lives in incredible ways, and are helping thousands to do the same.

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, having a chuckle.

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi having a chuckle.

Whatever your level of skill or interest, whether you have a crippling life story or a story of a life well blessed with ease, there are people out there who are waiting to learn from what you can teach them.

I am excited about this opportunity and that is why I am sharing it with my loved ones and friends. I always share what blesses me the most.

Sign up here to attend the LIVE Event, just because …

And, guess what?

You might even find yourself hopping on board afterwards, to help make an impact yourself!

It is going to be fun anyway, so why not join the party and we can watch together, wherever we all are in the world!!

Mindfully yours,

Holly x

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