Happiness And Peace

Helicopter approaching. Success. Mission. Peacemakers. Heroes.  Rescue. Focus.  Blue Sky. Mountains. Snowy Peaks. Freedom.  Happiness -  Image via the internet.


Did you know that even billionaires can be really miserable?

What makes us happy is not money, or status, or career … it is our loving connection to human beings, and giving to one another, loving with abandon, and living from a core of clear and light intention in ways that make peace.

I have learnt that there is a difference between peacekeeping and peacemaking.

Sometimes the Peacemakers are the ones who have to wade right into the storms and come out with the rescued. It takes strength to be a Peacemaker and it takes massive resolve.

Happiness is not a solo thing, but it definitely starts inside.

Happy Sunday, All.

With love,

Holly x


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