Happiness And Peace

HAPPINESS AND PEACE Did you know that even billionaires can be really miserable? What makes us happy is not money, or status, or career … it is our loving connection to human beings, and giving to one another, loving with abandon, and living from a core of clear and light intention in ways that make … Continue reading Happiness And Peace

Success Is About Growth

  How do you see SUCCESS? What do you think of this image? Would you agree that SUCCESS looks easy? Spare a thought for the leaders in this world ... many of them have stories of epic proportion. SUCCESS is more about growth than anything else. Don't ask for easy if you're planning on SUCCESS. … Continue reading Success Is About Growth

Iffing Stress

In 'poetry' form, and on a serious note ... Iffing Stress   If booze is causing stress, stop drinking it. If work is causing stress, change jobs. If bad health is causing stress, become healthy. If the news is causing stress, stop listening to it. If television is causing stress, stop watching it. If EMF … Continue reading Iffing Stress