Life Is Multi Faceted

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Life is made up of memories.

Life is made up of dreams.

Life is made up of actions.

Life is made up of feelings.

Life is made up of emotions.

Life is made up of responses.

Life is made up of words.

Life is made whole in all dimensions.

Life is made amazing in all its facets.

Life is lived now.

We can only live in the moment.

When we seek to truly live, we banish all that spoils our vision and we focus ourselves onto pure light.

Life is made up of influences.

Life is made up of environments.

We are each designed and equipped for joy and for love.

Life is designed to be lived exceedingly well.



This is one teeny tiny weeny facet of mine.

What are you focused on?


Holly x


[This post was first published on Instagram, on 12 October 2019.]




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