How To Conquer Challenges

With a strong WHY, we can conquer anything. Be invincible and make LOVE your sword. Go 'out there' today, mindfully, and spread positive wherever you go. This world is fully connected and we are all affecting one another. Be aware of this and set your focus like a laser on what will bring health and … Continue reading How To Conquer Challenges

Success Is About Growth

  How do you see SUCCESS? What do you think of this image? Would you agree that SUCCESS looks easy? Spare a thought for the leaders in this world ... many of them have stories of epic proportion. SUCCESS is more about growth than anything else. Don't ask for easy if you're planning on SUCCESS. … Continue reading Success Is About Growth

Doing Things For Oneself First

The case for doing what works for ourselves, first and foremost When we do something, we ought to do it knowing that all goodness in the universe is watching us, and do it for ourselves first, because it is impossible to please all men all the time. As a simple example of this statement, one can … Continue reading Doing Things For Oneself First