In Conversation With My Son ~ An Interview

An exciting announcement … Did you know that I recently launched my own YouTube channel?  It seemed that it was time to create more dimensions to the messages and work that I do and thus the new* platform was born.

About ten days ago, I sat before the camera in conversation with my son, Hunter, to answer a few of his interview questions …

We spoke a little about my life, favourite music, some films, books and the blog.

My son had chosen a range of interesting questions that he wanted to know the answers to and thought others might as well.  We decided to keep things very simple and to chat in a relaxed way, in our home.

All of these bits of information, being in front of the camera and having voice recorded, as well as the technical sharing of them, are skills that I am learning fast to manage, as I ‘blog’ along the journey of life, retraining my brain to be in better shape than before and preparing to take things forward in various ways.  Some may not realise that much of this was not at all possible for me a few years ago, due to a severe breakdown.

There are many types of interview and, as I am new to all of this type of thing, one might be tempted to scrutinise and critique delivery and flow etc.  However, I think the end result of this interview, filmed and the video* created by Hunter himself, shows authenticity, rather than highlighting the obvious trepidation at being ‘on stage’ to the world?

The studio notes accompany the video, which you’ll have to listen to if you wish to hear my responses!  Some of them may well be very surprising …



I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing us in our home and that you’ll subscribe to the channel, as well as following the blog.

Launching the YouTube channel was another headlong, courageous dive into the unknown, as I pushed through feelings of shyness at being in the public arena, and took a fresh leap into the wide blue yonder with the technology of it all.  The channel and its (now three) videos has been quietly bubbling away, gently gaining more views, organically, each day.

In addition to future interviews, there are many recordings planned, on all sorts of subjects that I write about.  Do let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like to hear discussed, or that you would like me to read from amongst the poetry and other material at The Holly Tree Tales.

Looking forward to hearing what you thought of this little foray into the world of interview-type ‘chat shows’!

Next, the ebook of poetry and then, perhaps, the Podcast.

Onwards in all things positive,

Holly x



*   Mentioned in my recent newsletter blogpost: “May Catching Up With April”.

**  Find more of Hunter R Boydell’s videos here.



~ * ~



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