Authenticity Is A Key

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What if I told you that authenticity is a key to a sustainable lifestyle and that being the real, most loving You is what helps others the most?

I once cracked under the strain of trying to meet others’ demands and expectations, in some cases people who had never ever gone beyond their own comfort zones in any significant way. When I realised that I was standing on the edge and looking down into an abyss of hopelessness, I chose to stop wasting my energy on keeping others happy by making me skip their ropes.

I am human and I am loyal, I have lived life beyond most people I know, and I have been broken in humiliating ways, embarrassed by lack, scorned by some for not being one of them, avoided, isolated and poked at behind my back. Those are the experiences that have taught me a lot. I have been and am also loved, respected, laughed with and enjoyed for the real and positive person that I am.

In my fifties now, I have my voice, and I am not afraid to speak out. Why? Because I want others who have felt like incomers and outsiders to know that they do belong … We each belong … Our tribes exist and we have value amongst some.

I choose to look to God and to my own heart and mind for the integrity that I don’t always find, and I know that this is the most reliable way to be.

When we are authentic and we care, others are safe with us and can trust that we mean well. In this world right now, being a thoroughly decent human being, loving others, being honest and seeking truth, is what is needed the most.

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