You Have A Role On This Earth

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I penned these words four years ago today, on 4 January 2014, before my blog had been created. They popped into view today, so here they are as a gift to anyone who needs them …


If you have been taken through more life challenges than most, have faced higher mountains, and crawled through deeper valleys, it might be because you are being taught to be a Teacher, one who will bring simple tools of hope and valuable life skills, for the true empowerment of others.
Everything happens for a reason, and nothing is ever wasted.
Walk your path with love, even when it’s tough;
Hold onto light, even when you cannot take another step;
Breathe in and out, with gratitude.
If your path is harder than most, know that your role on earth is quite possibly one that will carry greater significance than most. Walk it anyway, with hope and a smile, and remember to breathe.
You are alive, you matter, you are a precious individual, and a vital part of our whole.
So, keep shining, and know that you have a role on this earth. Always.

In strength,

Holly x

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