What A Treat

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What a treat to see a writing prompt in the WordPress Reader today, inviting us to write on or feature the subject “Treat”.

It is a new year and already we are four days into it.  I had hoped to begin 2018 by writing on the first day of the year but, as the week that closed 2017 contained a range of significant challenges, I was too worn out to put a string of words together on the first of the month.

Thus, the first ‘treat’ that springs to mind as I begin to write, is that today I can write; I am feeling well enough again and have the mental space to do so.  I am very grateful to have this ability, generally.  It is a gift to be able to communicate in any form – we have so many different methods of doing so nowadays – and I am aware that for some writing is an impossible thing.  I am grateful that I can string a sentence together and that I can read.

I have much to be grateful for and actually focusing on the ‘little’ things is what gives each the status of ‘treat’, no matter how insignificant they might usually or otherwise seem.  I am not interested in purely writing for writing’s sake, but this is a serendipitous moment of giving thanks and being aware of how much there is to consider oneself blessed by.

When I saw the prompt to write about ‘treat’, at first I thought I might write about the Christmas Cake that we’d had in our home this year … which I still plan to write about, as I was asked for a recipe earlier this week … or perhaps some of the other beautiful things that happened over the Christmas period, but I think I shall stop at simply being grateful, noticing each and every one of ‘the little things’.

This is a New Year and the number 2018 has a certain rounded and grounded ring to it, I feel.  Here’s trusting that it will be a kind one, a good one, a loving one, and that blessings will continue to abound … “the harvest is white”, as a Great Man once said.

Notice the little things … they’re the treats of Life.  We find great success when we look at the moments that are full of them.  Gratitude is a conveyor and a mirror of enormous wealth.

In mindfulness,

Holly x





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