When we can see the beauty in a flower

DSC00598 - THTT signed

This small piece was first ‘published’ via The White Space at http://www.facebook.com/thewhitespace on 25 January 2015.  I copy it here, for anyone who needs to be reminded of beauty, or to receive a hug of understanding in their moment of difficulty.

 ~ : ~


When we can see the beauty in a flower, it says more about us than it does about the flower.

When we perceive beauty, we ‘see’ the very thing that is in each of us, and it is available to each of us, because it emanates from deep within. Go there, if you need to find beauty, solace, peace, love… Go deep within, to where your essence is, and that is where you will find Life … the life that is within us all, and in every natural thing on this earth. That essence, that life, can never be destroyed. As long as there is a universe, there will be life. Look at the flowers, look at the stars, look into the eyes of a child, look into the eyes of a true friend, look at the waves, look at the wind blowing the grass sideways … all that is life, the very life that fills every cell of your Being. It is where hope dwells, it is where we draw our energy from, it is all around us, and we are all one with it… we only have to become aware, to know this. It always is. You are, and I am. We are all one.



DSC00598 - THTT signed

Beauty, elegance and life in a pure white tulip.




Holly x

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