The Power of Prosperity

As I woke this morning, I heard the words “the power of prosperity”, repeating themselves in my mind. At first I was amused, and then I picked up my pen and golden notebook and wrote down what follows …

What is ‘The Power of Prosperity’?

It is a form of surrender to what you already have.

It is noticing how much is in your life.

It is being grateful for each and every thing, person and circumstance in your life.

It is focusing intently on positive, and batting off negative by dealing with it when it arises.

It is taking the time to look at who you are, instead of who you think others imagine you to be.

It is learning to put your needs first, in a loving way, which does not harm anyone else.

It is in giving out to the world the love, understanding, trust, hope and faith that you yourself could thrive in.

It is in surrendering to the things that hurt you, speaking your truth about them, and then letting them drift away, so that they do not continue to contaminate your life.

It is in noticing that every penny you own, or saleable possession, is more than what beggars have, and finding someone to share in what you have – someone who needs it.

It is in standing in the light of who you truly are and allowing yourself to be washed by the love that exists there, deep within you.

It is in knowing that you came into the world with nothing, that you will leave the world with no things, and that all that will matter after you have gone is the love that you reflected back to other people’s hearts.

It is looking at the sky, the moon, the stars, the trees, each little bird, the caterpillars, the bees, the earthworms, the flowers, the soil, the water that falls from the sky … and feeling the truth in your heart that all of these, and more, work together, in harmony, to support your life on this Earth.

It is in believing that you matter; that regardless of what anyone else says or how anyone else behaves towards you, you are a child of the Universe too, and you belong.

It is feeling the breath moving silently in and out of your body, keeping the physical “you” alive, and being grateful for it.

It is in watching the breath, as it flows in and out of your body, and knowing that you are linked to a power that links every other human being, animal, plant and entity to the cosmos, to life on Earth, to your real self, the self that is underneath, above and beyond all that you can see.

It is in looking at the clothes on your body and feeling gratitude for them, just as they are.

It is in looking at your body, and thanking it sincerely for being exactly as it is.

It is in complete surrender to the here and now, allowing peace to enter into this one moment, where everything is, just as you are.

It is in trusting and believing that there is no need to complain, no reason to accumulate, that your needs will always be met.

It is in being able to see, feel, touch and be the prosperous being that you are.

The Power of Prosperity is in knowing how prosperous you are, right where you are, right here and right now.

Let your light shine; polish it, and set it free to be …

You are prosperous … The Power of Prosperity is yours to ‘own’.

A Power of Prosperity moment.

The Power of Prosperity.

Holly x

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