The Perfect Story – A Short Film

* Three months ago, my son set off for university, for the first time. A few short weeks ago, my son announced that he had decided to write a film script.  He had joined his university's Film Society, had attended several meetings as part of the group of enthusiasts there, and wished to enter into … Continue reading The Perfect Story – A Short Film

Super Moon Insight

  Earlier this week, I woke to see the most magnificent moon staring in at me through the window.  It was pitch dark outside otherwise.  I opened the window, feeling the icy chill enter the room, and stuck my arm out to try and capture the moment.  Little else was visible beyond the silhouettes of … Continue reading Super Moon Insight

Wednesday blog confusion

I wrote a small piece. I 'illustrated' it with photographs. I tried publishing it at once. It looked fine. I looked the next day; it looked gross. I tried again, adjusting everything. It looked fine. For half an hour. Then, again, it looked gross. I had heard that it is best to post large photographs. I … Continue reading Wednesday blog confusion

Monday morning Blog potholes

It is the start of a new week and I would love to be able to find the answers to a few questions on the physical workings of le Blog, by having someone real and three dimensional show me the way. Yesterday I posted a blurb (about Ifafa) and struggled to get it to look like … Continue reading Monday morning Blog potholes