The Perfect Story – A Short Film

Poster for The Perfect Story - Image creation © Henri Cooney - December 2017

Poster for “The Perfect Story” created by Henri R V Cooney © 2017


Three months ago, my son set off for university, for the first time.

A few short weeks ago, my son announced that he had decided to write a film script.  He had joined his university’s Film Society, had attended several meetings as part of the group of enthusiasts there, and wished to enter into the Society’s competition to have a film script accepted for production.  He began to write.  We were told some of the basics of the ‘plot’ one weekend, on a short break at home.  The script was completed in time for the competition’s entry date and we waited to hear, as one does with all competitions in life … only half-forgetting that this process was underway, in the busy-ness of life.

Naturally I was wishing for an expected outcome, a hoped for and passionately desired result on my son’s behalf ~ I imagine he kept it in his mind all the time.  Thankfully, we did not have to wait long.  I received a text, days later, with the ecstatic news: “Mum, my film has been selected, along with six others, to be produced by the Film Society!  A full crew will be provided, and I get to direct it!!”  … I heaved a sigh of relief, as I raised my eyes in gratitude that one of his dreams was being fulfilled.

It is always wonderful to hear about others’ dreams coming true.  My son has been playing with film since not long after he learnt to walk … in the past, his parents or his older sister acted as scribes to his words, before he could master a pen.  Many a time, we and others have been engaged to follow him around with a camera or filming device, to capture his great imaginings on film.  My daughter has participated in endless dressing-up sessions over the years … both given free reign at home to use their imaginations and to create since they were little children.  Writing and creating film material have always been my son’s hobby and his escape … besides his passion for reading and creating with Lego … often known to wander off and write or create moving images of all sorts, wherever we have lived, visited, or while he was away at school.

The news that my son had been ‘gifted’ with the opportunity to have his script produced was incredible.  Feeling some of his joy and elation at this news after years of enjoying his self-made films, including those he’s made in conjunction with friends and fellow creators at school, it was interesting to hear snippets as the project progressed.  The opportunity had seemed to come as a minor miracle, and a step up the rung of the ladder of life and experiences of note.  We were not involved in the making of the film, but we were given little snippets of information from time to time … mostly it was all going on far away from home.

Since hearing that the film would be produced, that a cast had been selected, that costumes and read-throughs were all underway … suddenly the week of the Premiere and seven-film screening was here!  Earlier this week we were treated to a teaser, a well-crafted little trailer for the film … shown the beautifully designed poster … and then on Thursday 7th December the big day arrived.  The screening of all seven films took place at university, in the student union, and it was not appropriate for us to attend … so we waited ‘in the wings’ until word came that the film had been launched onto YouTube.  That news came in last night.

I have watched the film a few times now and, each time, I think it becomes more meaningful.  The music is lovely, the scenery apt and real, the actors playing their roles well.  I see the personality and the directorship of the writer in all the scenes … and smiled at the mischief in the last moment, when the writer and co-director made their cameo appearances on film.  The film is shot on location in a notable place and is not the first to have been captured in that locale.

It is with great pleasure that I share this story, with not a little appreciation and humble pride (if there is such a thing as humble pride) that I share with the Readers of The Holly Tree Tales news of my son and his peers’ beautiful little film.  I hope you will enjoy watching it, as much as we have, and that you will find the 9-10 minutes of viewing well worth it!

In the words of the Writer and Director of “The Perfect Story”, my son Hunter R Boydell:

“The Perfect Story” – See the complete short film, right here, right now!

I AM SO HAPPY WITH THIS!! I hope it will make you feel lovely inside and out and also make you think a little bit about telling stories and the power that we each have, not only to create characters and worlds, but to change our own.

I am eternally grateful to every single person who made this project ACTUALLY HAPPEN, by working on the incredible production team, acting in the wonderful cast, or by encouraging me and all of us through the process. I have had so much fun. This is the first *proper film* I have made, and it’s not the last.

Whack in some feedback in a comment, or just bask in what I find to be an incredibly satisfying and beautiful film (creating such a film was after all my only goal).

Top notch. We’ll see you at Sundance.”


The film can be watched on You Tube and shared by clicking on this link:

and here it is:




Indeed, it would be wonderful to hear that the student film had reached Sundance.  In the meantime, I look forward to hearing that it has reached an appreciative audience and that others agree …  the young people who created it have done themselves proud!

Bravo, my son.  You and your team done good!

Who would have thought, all those years ago when I attended a screenwriting course in London, led by the eminent Master of all things screen, Robert (Bob) McKee, that one day my young son would be showing his little film to the world?  It was in the late 1980s and I recall that John Cleese was one of the screenwriting course delegates too.  We were a privileged group, who studied the script for “Casablanca” in great detail … and I do believe that I still have my copious notes.  My notes, like so much of my own story, have not seen the light of day since being carefully stowed into my little silver trunk that has sailed many seas.

Perhaps it is time to revisit those notes now, who knows?


Holly x



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