Wednesday blog confusion

I wrote a small piece.
I ‘illustrated’ it with photographs.
I tried publishing it at once. It looked fine.
I looked the next day; it looked gross.
I tried again, adjusting everything.
It looked fine. For half an hour. Then, again, it looked gross.
I had heard that it is best to post large photographs.
I had read that it is best to post small ones.
I remain completely and utterly confused.
And yesterday’s smooth path has become today’s utmost rocky one.
The novice blogger bows out, and fades with her flowers.
For now.

Ah, and yes. I thought today was yesterday.
And then I saw what the date is.
Perhaps there is something in this day …
The annual day of the Jesters,
After all.

So I am slipping back into the wings,
Nursing stage fright, once more …
At least until all the Jesters have flown.

Holly x

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