Monday morning Blog potholes

It is the start of a new week and I would love to be able to find the answers to a few questions on the physical workings of le Blog, by having someone real and three dimensional show me the way.

Yesterday I posted a blurb (about Ifafa) and struggled to get it to look like most of the other posts I have written on “The Holly Tree Tales” site … but to no avail. Thus, its text remains very small, by comparison with all the others. How does one control the font size and style of a simple blog post, when writing the original in a Word document, to save and copy across?

This morning I am wondering, yet again, whether every photograph that I post (which are all my own images), ought to be ‘signed’ by the photographer herself, to avoid plagiary on the internet? Is it sufficient to overwrite the photographs with the name of this blog site? Is it too impersonal to do this, or is it perfectly acceptable and good?

As I am currently writing and editing across several platforms, I wonder at the wisdom of automatically linking them all, but stop at the question of conflict and confusion, or invasion of my personal space. There are no absolutes in this, I know, and no rules to accurately guide us in the wise use of the internet to share our words and message, but there are times when I wish an ‘expert’ could hand me the A-Z.

The saving grace in all of this is that I know that I am the person whom I say I am, that I write what I believe or have experienced, and that consistency of message is my own key ethic by which to live … that certainly takes the wrinkles out of the moral cobweb, and makes me able to sleep soundly at night. An expert guide in all things communication would be a gift from above, but in the meantime I shall persevere with the guide within and hope that somehow a consistent note and path reveals itself.

Here begins a new week … who know the inspiration that awaits? Perhaps these potholes will become filled and solidly reliable this week.

In hope for more technical and communication method breakthrough,

Holly x

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