Super Moon Insight


Earlier this week, I woke to see the most magnificent moon staring in at me through the window.  It was pitch dark outside otherwise.  I opened the window, feeling the icy chill enter the room, and stuck my arm out to try and capture the moment.  Little else was visible beyond the silhouettes of a few bare trees near the house and all the countryside around was very still. The sight, so spectacular, prompted a few ‘scribbled’ words, which I wrote directly onto Instagram*, posting them along with a grainy iphone photograph, captured quickly and as best I could in the early dawn …

The message I wrote reads:

Good morning, Mighty Moon.  I wish I could photograph the detail, but this Super Moon is so fantastically beautiful and bright that even the white blob in the middle of a black space is good enough for me!!  Light shines in the darkness.  Morning always follows the night. Brightness cracks into the dull.  Focus transforms everything, even if it takes time. This stunningly beautiful, super, full moon greeted me early this morning, more gorgeous and fabulous than it was last night, if that is possible, its presence reminding me of hope and strength and divine presence, of vision and energy, of peace and goodness, of health and prosperity, of heaven, of abundance, of joy, of faith and of love.  Shine on, lovely moon, and all the stars that shimmer too, just out of sight (but there all the same) shadowed but not invisible, sharing the beauty of your radiant light.

© Holly M Maxwell Boydell ♡


* The original post can be found by clicking here.




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