A Letter To God

  Prompted by WordPress' daily post writing suggestion "confess", I am publishing the 'Letter' I wrote to God this morning.  It seemed a fitting day to take stock and get a few priorities in order, before the year ends and 2018 is upon us ... This is, I suppose, more or less a modern psalm … Continue reading A Letter To God

A Gratitude Moment

It is the beginning of a new week and I thought I would take a moment to still my mind and take stock of the present ... now is a present and the present is now. When we are slain by difficulty or pressure, squeezed into other people's deadlines and commitments, pushed by life into … Continue reading A Gratitude Moment

A Rainbow In Edinburgh

I was in a meeting in Edinburgh on Friday 13th October. Suddenly an entire rainbow formed in front of my eyes. The moment was incredible. The rainbow was a pure arc of beauty, promise and grace. It meant so much. Some others nearby noticed it, some seemed to take it for granted. I took it to heart. My meeting … Continue reading A Rainbow In Edinburgh