The Blog page called “Home”

It is the last day of January 2015 and I am still looking at my new Blog, hoping that soon we shall become true friends, but standing back with a degree of scepticism and fear about how to manage the technical challenge that it presents. There have been so many levels of learning involved in simply posting words, that I have temporarily given up trying to perfect the appearance, while I attempt to familiarise myself at least with the page called “Home”.

It seems that “Home” wants to gobble up every line that I write, so now I am looking at “Home” sideways and wondering whether I might perhaps give her (or him?) a new name,  even jiggle her sideways, to suit my style instead and thereby create a more predictable, elegant entrance to the world of “The Holly Tree Tales”.

So much to consider and so many different angles from which to approach this Blog writing business … Despite trying to bash it into submission, never a good idea, I decided (at some point in the month) to stand back, watch, meditate, dip toes in, stand back, meditate, wait for inspiration, dip another teeny toe in … and then, hopefully, be able to dash when the coast seems clear enough to make it in one swift move.

There is much writing in my head, there are many black ink scribbles in my golden notebook and many others, but I can only share them when the Muse and the Machine come together in one divine meeting of Minds … let’s hope it’s later today. I have certainly ruminated on this for long enough!


Holly x

PS. How on earth to get the “Tags” to say what I want them to say today, rather than what I mistakenly typed them as last week? At least I now know what “Tags” mean – I think.

Evening Update
Seem to have finally got the hang of inserting a photograph … Now, that’s an achievement! Only, not quite sure how to position it … Ah! Did it (smiling). Haven’t a clue where the caption has disappeared to, however, nor how to alter the size of the picture. C’est la vie.

Such a laboriously wondrous learning curve ~

Beeswax, light and holly sprigs for inspiration ...

Beeswax, light and holly sprigs for inspiration …

11.30 pm

Have just discovered that all information has disappeared from the right hand side of Blog. No idea how this has happened. Am now not able to post new posts onto “Home” page either. Very mysterious. Shall have to do some detective work tomorrow …

Oh, the joys of trying to get this Blog happening!

Completely stumped.

Good night.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

UPDATE: Friday 27th February 2015
Just edited this page, to make the bedtime update follow the rest of the text. Have figured out how to do that now. In the process I discovered that, quite by chance, I have managed to (repost) the inserted photo WITH its caption – no idea how that happened, but such is the joy of discovery on this strange journey of wonderment.

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