Dear WordPress And Versatile Others

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This is about “The Versatile Blogger Award”, which I have been trying to tell the fifteen people whose blogs I nominated, on 1 November 2017, about their nomination for.

Having tried numerous times to post a special comment under the latest blog post of several of the blogs whom I have nominated, only to be told each time that “This page isn’t working … X didn’t send any data”, I suddenly came up with a plan.  I turned my computer off, which took a considerable amount of filing and storing and saving first, and I turned it back on again! I then fired up all the relevant pages via Google Chrome … again … and not a little hopefully typed in my delighted words of ‘nomination’ … only to be told again, each time, that “This page isn’t working … X didn’t send any data”.

Thus, after a delay of about one hot tea cup full of Earl Grey,  I hatched another plan.  This is it.

I wonder, Dear WordPress, whether you and your Happiness Engineers might be able to do a happy thing for me, and help me to deliver my notes of nomination to the following super blogs, please?

My nominations for The Versatile Blogger Award are: 


I should be very grateful if each Nominee would please visit my original post about this, dated 1st November 2017, and joyfully receive the ‘prize’ … which includes the display of your badge of choice (I found mine via the internet) and to nominate several others in turn.

Please note, the rules of this nomination are as follows:

  1.  Write seven facts about yourself
  2.  Nominate 15 Bloggers for this award 
    [my Nominees may alter this number, if they wish to]

~ : ~

I was extremely heartened to be nominated, when I discovered that The Holly Tree Tales had been selected as a ‘Versatile Blog’, and hope that those on this list will feel the same.  It did, I must admit, take a considerable amount of time and energy to try and figure out how to put my post together, so I shall forgive anyone who feels that the task is beyond them … Please enjoy receiving the nomination as a ‘prize’, in any event.

It would be excellent to know that those nominated had found the news here, and I should be delighted to hear from any of those who have.  In the meantime, I shall continue to attempt to deliver ‘the mail’ myself.  I thought it prudent, however, to try and do something versatile, in order to minimise any further delay in spreading this fabulous news! Hence this post.

The original post about my receiving The Versatile Blogger Award can be found here.

With thanks, in anticipation of great outcomes.

I remain, your faithful and humble literary material contributor,


Holly M Maxwell Boydell


DSC04388 - THTT signed

The autumnal blooms of Japanese Anemones.



Update Wednesday 22 November 2017

Having spent several hours over several days trying to achieve tasks on the site, and figure out why I have been having problems with publishing responses to posts and comments on The Holly Tree Tales and other sites, the WordPress “Happiness Engineers” and I yesterday resolved the situation – to an extent.  I am now using ‘Firefox’ as my browser, rather than ‘Google Chrome’, which is enabling me to contact the blogs nominated today, at last. The joys of technology! Hopefully the rest of the process will soon be resolved and issues with Google Chrome ironed out.



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