Dawning of realisation

Note: “realisation” without a capital “R”.

I think I am getting my head around the mechanics of Blog Land, for my own little Blog Land at least! Having taken several years to get to the point of actually ‘hopping onto the stage’ of blogging, I have tripped over all the cables and potholes of the technicality and detail involved in being able to sprout words on a Blog. Yes, Writer’s Block has been there too, but Writer’s Frustration has won the lead, when I have had the words, but not the skill to get them out there. However …

Today, with my head under a hot shower stream of deliciously nurturing water, I think I finally ‘saw the light’ … I think I have figured out how my blog works, ie how what I have paid WordPress to provide me with works, and how I can communicate calmly and freely with and through it. There are ‘miles to go before I sleep’, and much techie work to attend before the words can freely flow, but I think I have, at last, seen The Way ahead.

And so, hopefully later today, I shall take a few more dolly steps …

Thanks for being with me on this particular journey. It certainly is one!

Holly x

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