The World Needs Authenticity

This is a message to everyone, no matter your background, status or creed …

The world needs leaders and influencers to be authentic right now.

Drop the fake and start showing up as real human beings.

Our children and our young adults are in need of seeing what really makes life worthwhile and how we are showing up to be the best versions of ourselves, with integrity and care for one another.

Make it a priority to learn the art of forgiveness and to learn to smile inside your own mind again.

We are designed for LOVE and we each have a powerful brain to drive responsibly, consciously and well.

Our thinking and the places and people whom we ‘hang out with’ influence us in obvious and in subtle ways.

Choose your thoughts and the company you keep.

Move towards that which you want in your sphere of influence and environments and normal life, rather than that which you don’t.

Eagles do not hang out with chickens, sheep, or crows.

If you are going to follow a crowd, make sure you are following the right crowd to reach the best destination and to bless rather than curse your own path.

Wise up to what really matters in life and show up for yourself and those around you, in better and more authentic, loving and caring ways.

Our brains are contagious … energy travels faster than any virus, so check the energy guage in your environments and either reset consistently, or change space. As Jim Rohn said “You are not a tree”.

You have the God-given power of a potent brain to take ownership of the internal quality of your life, no matter what. This is easier to accomplish and to maintain, in the RIGHT environments for the results that you seek / desire / would best enhance your life.

Stop pretending and get on with the real life business of being a human being with flaws, accept that no one is perfect, and get on with claiming your best life.

As you live from a place of integrity, others around you will start to show up in that way too.

There is NOTHING on this planet that is more worthwhile than learning the true meaning of and how to do LOVE. Become a student of this and start with ownership for yourself.

Be the change … how on earth can you ask someone else to do it for you, anyway?

Stand IN Your Power.


Holly x

Hashtags: #GiveOurChildrenHope #PleaseDontFakeIt #AuthenticityIsKey

PS. This little ‘jingle’ on TikTok seemed to almost create itself, yesterday … the music and the images hopping together somehow, synced. The post above followed today, written directly onto Instagram first.

One thought on “The World Needs Authenticity

  1. Holly I agree 100%. We need more genuine people. Even if it cost me some grief from my wife – LOL – I am comfortable in my own shoes, being me, and in truth, she appreciates me for this truth. We need to be ourselves if we hope to be at peace and to also inspire others to be themselves.


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