Autumn Mists And Country Sounds

As dawn breaks and the Autumn mists roll in, making the little valley beyond our property invisible, the birds in my organic garden are in full chorus …

In the background, the urgent bellowing of bulls and the sounds of farm machinery, add another layer to the tone.

Soon the leaves on the trees – ash, rowan, cherry, sycamore, beech, birch, hawthorn, maple – will turn to different hues of depth and warmth, reds and golds.

The colder temperatures are holding off for now, as the light of Autumn comforts.

This is the time to plan, to plant, to disengage, to harvest, to declutter, to store, to prepare.

Autumn is a time for reflection and for design, for resolution and for mindful soul growth, as well as all the rest.

In the countryside, each season has its purpose.

We learn a lot from Nature, when we stop to observe.


Holly x

(c) Holly Maxwell Boydell

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