A Moment With The White Viola

There is so much perfection in one tiny flower.

This white viola is one small part of a constellation of blooms in my organic garden. Like stars they light me up when I see their pretty faces and I watch how the native bees love to sip their nectar.

There is such grace in a moment of reflection as one looks into the face of a flower and it fills me with peace when I see the perfection of design in Nature.

My organic garden is full of the light of harmony in Nature and it blesses me so much to simply and mindfully enjoy an individual flower.

One little flower. One little white ‘star’. Viola. She makes my heart sing as she lights up the flower bed where she grows in the company of others just like her.

White viola. Really pure and calm.



Holly x

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There is so much peace in the face of a flower.

~ Holly Maxwell Boydell



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