The Love On The Inside

Looking at the beauty of this building, York Minster, I suddenly had the thought: “We might look amazing, our lives might appear perfect on the outside, but is there love on the inside?”

Churches are places created to worship God. God is LOVE. So, for me it follows that churches worship / practise / emulate the God of … LOVE.

What we ‘worship’ we follow.
What we love we protect.
What we protect we fight for.

Sometimes, as humans, we get this all screwed up and we fight for something completely the floor end of what we say we want in life. Why is this? Could it, possibly, be our conditioning??

Think about it: what voices are influencing our negative results?

What voices are influencing the love results and the sustainable, excellent outcomes?

What influences are we tapping into?

What are the roots that we need to pull out?

Where can we plant better seeds in our lives before we point our fingers at others?

Where can we deal with our own stuff and shine light for others to emulate?

Think … be mindfully aware … and then take positive action.

Love is the answer and it ALWAYS was.

Love … it all starts there.

Would you agree?



Holly x

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