The Talking Hearts Podcast Story

Talking Hearts podcast -  (c) Holly Maxwell Boydell

My podcast has now landed on Spotify. It is called TALKING HEARTS.


I have made 12 trial run episodes for the first ‘season’, a practice run, “Fridays Live With Holly”.

There are many chinks and clinks and a few techie glitches, but there is also a ton of authentic, real, raw content and a lot of guiding heart.

I truly did not have much of a clue at the start of this what a podcast was. I dove straight in at the deep end and have been learning on the hop.

It would be wonderful to have some followers and some love shown to the podcasts, if you have a chance to stop by.

TALKING HEARTS will be growing as I learn more of the HOW.

I cannot yet invite patrons, as that would mean upgrading to a more expensive hosting plan on Podbean where the podcast lives and grows from, but the listener audience numbers growing would be a huge boost!

This is part of a series of projects that I am working on and they all connect.

Soon I plan to bring some guests onto my podcast, to speak about some of the subjects written about on my blog THE HOLLY TREE TALES as well.

This is all part of a bigger picture and each component has a stand-alone purpose as well as a common thread: what is good and what I endorse or use myself. This is my authentic offering for you.

Empowerment is what it is all about. Helping others to lift their lives as I have learnt to.

Now, tell me: How do you like to listen to podcasts? See, this is all so new to me!

Which is your favourite platform?

You can find TALKING HEARTS on Google Podcasts too, and soon it will be on Apple podcasts, all being well. Amazon Music and Alexa are also being added – as well as Pandora and one or two others soon.

I hope you’ll enjoy panning the podcast episodes for a few nuggets to enhance your life with and that you’ll stand by for more by following on your favourite platform.

There is a page on my blog for TALKING HEARTS as well. Find it at or simply Google it.

I’d love to hear from you what you think!


Much love,

Holly x

Talking Hearts Podcast on Podbean - (c) Holly Maxwell Boydell

Empowerment is what it is all about. Helping others to lift their lives as I have learnt to.


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