Why “The Holly Tree Tales”?

Someone asked me recently why I had called my blog “The Holly Tree Tales” and whether it had some special meaning. I was pleased to be asked, as I had been meaning to write about this ever since setting up the blog on 1 January 2015! If you have ever seen a holly tree in … Continue reading Why “The Holly Tree Tales”?

The House & The Holly Trees

Once upon a time, there was a little old house in the country. The little old house had seen many people come and go over the two hundred odd years of its lifetime, especially in the decades since the church of the land had sold it to 'ordinary' folk, some decades ago. Many owners had … Continue reading The House & The Holly Trees

A Mindful Third Anniversary Of The Holly Tree Tales

    This week I received a surprise greeting from WordPress, reminding me that the beginning of January marks the anniversary of the launch of my blog, The Holly Tree Tales.  As has happened similarly in the previous two years, the reminder came with a little message saying: "Achievement Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com! You registered … Continue reading A Mindful Third Anniversary Of The Holly Tree Tales

About the Author

Dear Reader, In case you’re wondering and have not yet seen this Blog’s About page, there is a little ‘story’ about the writer behind “The Holly Tree Tales”, recently updated. Please follow the link, if you would like to read it: https://thehollytreetales.wordpress.com/about/about-the-author/. Blessings, Holly x