It Takes Courage

(c) Holly Maxwell Boydell.

On 11 December a few years ago, I stepped onto a ‘plane, a little aeroplane, the first time I’d been on a ‘plane in years … It was my birthday.

We were on our way to visit our son and brother at boarding school; my daughter was with me. Amber Maxwell Boydell took this photograph.

I was overcoming a lot of fear and trepidation about a good many things.

I was taking a very big step out of a cage.

I was finding myself again.

As I looked down at the clouds and the ground below, in that tiny aeroplane, I remembered travelling on very big aeroplanes, alone, as a very little girl.

At the age of 7, I was a seasoned solo traveller … at the age of 57, now, I am remembering both of these times in my life.

Soon I shall speak more about my story and I’ll help you to tap into your courage, during my first mastermind, online.

News will be going out soon about my first online presentations.

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Life is all about personal growth and for that we need courage. I look forward to sharing where mine came from and helping you to find yours.

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Holly x

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