Why Toss When You Can Recycle?


Did you know that I believe in recycling so much that this has extended to moving things that others would love to buy onto Ebay?

We have very little that is wasted in our home and save lots of time, energy and money by reducing our need for purchases, as a household, even going so far as me now wearing my daughter and son’s teen clothes or welly boots … they are both much taller than me now!

We are mindful of the need to think of the factory workers, as well, and not simply to consume for shopping’s sake … whether in lockdown or not.

We love new, as everyone probably does, but we shop judiciously, take care of what we have, sometimes buy secondhand at vintage stores etc, and compost or give to charity or sell what is no longer a fit.

I have clothes that I wore in my twenties, which my daughter enjoys now and many of these have a new lease of life because their style does not fade.

When natural fabric fades, I compost it … simple.

I prefer not to fill our bins to overflowing, as they are merely being transported elsewhere. Waste does not simply go away. Waste does not leave the planet. We keep on our planet what we create.

And so, with that consciousness, I reuse whatever can be reused in a sensible way, reduce purchasing by virtue of reusing what works and is still good to use, recycle on the property or move things on to those who want or need them, and have a household ‘circular economy’ going on.

We have saved a fortune by not being ‘spendaholic’ and we make choices on purpose to this end.

This pair of cricket shoes was recently despatched, to another happy customer in the UK. We have also sent parcels to the other ‘side’ of the globe.

Do take a look at our current selection on the Holly Recycles page on Ebay and its corresponding Facebook page as well – links below.

We’re selling mostly men and boys’ items at the moment, but there is a selection of other items being added every week, so pop in regularly to have a look.


We recycle paper to create our own little ‘post-it’ notes too …

We re-use the inner card from gift wrapping paper and handwrite them, to give the personal touch!


Holly x

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