My First Book Is Launched!

3D (1) - Ten Poems ~ Volume One ~ A Compilation of Soul Poems by (c) Holly M Maxwell Boydell ~ ~ copyright. all rights reserved.

Dear Readers,

I have MORE exciting news!

My first book is published and it launched today!!   This is such a welcome and thrilling milestone for me.  It is also highly significant, in that I have overcome many obstacles to get to this point, only some of which are noted in the blog.

You might have heard, a few short weeks ago, that my first book was underway, when I first wrote to announce it in a blogpost:

Today the book is fully live on Amazon and I am very happy to say that already “Ten Poems, Volume One” is receiving a very positive welcome to the book stage.

The book I have written and created is in a surprisingly large category of similar genre and name, so it has a number of others to compete with for the bestseller stakes.  If you would like to help to push my book to the front of the book bestseller queue, please do hop on board and please also consider leaving a lovely review.

It is always wonderful to hear that our ‘labours of love’ are valued and I hope you will find that there is something that resonates with you, in my first little book.

I am very grateful to have travelled the journey to this point and to now be a ‘published Author’ in book form, at last.


UK / Europe:

USA and worldwide:

Please note that, while this book is currently available as an ebook – to view on Kindle, Phone, Tablet or EReader – I am also working on the paperback version, which will be available as soon as I have conquered that self-publishing process as well.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement to get to this stage and thank you to all those who are purchasing my book.  You are the dream realised.  May the contents of the book give back to you in beautiful and inspired ways.

With love,

Holly x


[Post updated Thursday 22 August 2019]


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