Waking Up

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Have you found yourself feeling beaten down by life, wondering whether you can ever rise above the relentless demand from media and the outside world, to adjust continuously in order to please others?  Do you find that you feel you are expected to morph into someone whom you aren’t, or never might be, without first finding the centre of your self?  This piece might give you hope …





One of the best feelings in the world is waking up to the fact that you don’t mind any more who walked all over you, who took you for granted, who shoved you aside instead of valuing you, who stepped on your toes, who lied about you, who thought you were worthless, who pushed you off your tiny perch, who gossiped about you, who judged you, who took what was yours, who faked yours for theirs, who dumped you, who robbed you of your dignity, who embarrassed you, who told you things about yourself that were a negative reflection of their own lack of self-esteem, who thought you were dead and that they had your space to take advantage of, who thought you were only so high when in fact you could fly … you’d simply forgotten how … who laughed at instead of with you, who said you have to be this or do that or do it their way, who robbed your innocence, who took your right to freedom and twisted it to make you feel bad, who poked and prodded at you instead of lifting you up, who lacked empathy when it was clear you were dying inside, who ran away instead of running to you with comfort help and hugs, who thought you were strong when you were up all night, who trusted you but lied to you in the knowledge that you would never do it to them, who tried to buy you and talked about you behind your back, who ousted you from their lives when you were one of the few who was loyal to them, who said they’d help and then never showed up, who showed up and then expected you to pay when they knew you could not …

And when you wake up to the fact that all of the things that suck have sucked life, but you have found what is greater … LIFE PLUS all that truly matters on this planet and beyond.

And when you wake up to the fact that you were also conceived in love, that you are beautiful inside and that you deserve to be without a fake face if you please to, that you can crack a camera if you wish simply because it could make you laugh when it does, that you are perfectly comfortable with your own skin and grateful that it still is what it says on the tin, that you are a person of excellence and that others’ opinions should be reserved for themselves, that your first port of call is God and so if anyone has issues with that they’d better check in with him first, that you have wings still but something deceived you into thinking they were lost forever, that you can rebuild your brain and your life and your hope and all the things that make life absolutely wonderful and fantastically great, that you have influenced the lives of many and given them hope when they too were dying inside, that you have a place in the universe and that you are also made of the dust of the stars …

When you wake up to what really matters and you know that you have everything inside you to go the mile you must, or to fly the many miles high if you wish to, then you have reached ‘Nirvana’ and you can know that even if you are utterly exhausted, there will always be a way and you will find it … because you found a way to go on and you helped others you met along the path … and there is always hope and light and there is always freedom for those who seek to walk ONLY as salt and light.

Rise up and know that all is well, because it is.

The universe is still doing what it was always meant to do and this is just another day.

Be blessed and know that you are never alone.

Life has its natural laws and we never, ever need to seek revenge. All we have to do is focus focus focus on staying to the true paths and being all that we were made to be on this earth, doing all that is our role and responsibility to attend, and giving to all that we can out of what we have.

Life will fix the jigsaw puzzles and find all the pieces.

Keep on.

This is a brand new day!



With love and mindfulness,

Holly x


PS. I have now read and recorded this piece, which you can listen to here:




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