Meeting JT Foxx For the First Time

It is not every day that you meet a fox.  It is not every day that one is adorned with the silk tie belonging to JT Foxx either.

I am honoured to have met JT, to have been ‘crowned’ with his elegant tie, standing alongside a maestro with anticipation of great things to come, and to have been able to make a small contribution to his charitable fund.  A little more about the tie in another post.  Readers who follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, might already have seen some brief mention of this occasion there.  It was worth noting immediately and here is a little more ‘story’ about the day.

It was Wednesday 13 June 2018.  I had slept for about three hours the night before, awoken with my alarm clock before 5.00am, before driving up to Edinburgh to attend the “Mega Speaker” event on my own.  Registration was at 8.00am, doors would open at 9.00.  It would take me a little over an hour to reach the venue  ~ The Sheraton Hotel.   I had registered to stay on for the ‘meeting with others’  after the main event, which I briefly did, and crawled in through the door of home at about 10pm, shattered.  It took me a few days to get over the ache in my hand, from writing copious notes, and to feel my feet properly again (currently unaccustomed to high heels) … but it was worth every minute and every ache … as well as the fast pace, which I am readjusting my sails to generally as we ‘speak’.

It turned out that JT himself had not slept much the night before this event either … his journey had been in First Class on an aeroplane, arriving in the UK in time to work out at the hotel gym, before powering up the assembled gathering of interested people into independent mental and literal action.  At the end of the day,  JT and I met for a moment.  It was a moment that felt as though it held strong purpose.  I cannot explain why;  it just was one of those.

I had never been to one of the JT Foxx Organisation events before, had never before listened to JT Foxx speak, and had had absolutely no idea what to expect when I got there.  I had not really had time to think about it in the days since seeing the advertisement and fairly quickly deciding to go for it … Free event, what’s not to learn and to grow from?  I was certain there would be a reason behind my having seen the invitation and then acting on it.  Certainly there was and it will be revealed, I have no doubt.

This year, Life has been showing me lots of signs, guiding me to take up challenges again, in bigger ways than I have for some years, doors opening one by one in quick succession.  All of a sudden, within the last six months, I have found myself well on the road to full recovery, after years of ‘crawling’ back from breakdown in 2006.  Breakdowns and painfully slow resurrections are not for the faint hearted ~ not if you have adventure in your blood and a desire to make a difference, to live life to the full with dreams as yet unattended.  It is utterly demoralising being limited in any way at all, and I can tell a few stories about those experiences … not all good, but these are the things that grow us.  Seeds crack to grow … no oaks without cracked acorns.

While I was at the Mega Speaker seminar, I did what I do: learn as much as I can and trust that it is taking me one step forward, closer to where I envisage an unfolding, a sense of true fulfilment and purpose being realised, with blessings abounding in unimaginable ways, part of a new and stepped-up phase of my life.  I was truly not at all disappointed.  In fact, I felt completely blessed by the experience of attending the event and have had a strange sense since that it was the beginning of something significant. I cannot yet tell what that is, but it is a ‘gut feeling’ and, as my life runs on prayer, strategy and instinct … they are the ways of least resistance and get me further faster, getting most done while using the least amount of energy … there is thus no wastage.  I like that.  Life is too short for fluffing around.

The day was packed.  There were three Speakers – including JT Foxx himself, who poured out spoken nuggets and gave freely out of his experiences, as if we had all known each other for a long time.  The talks that each supporting Speaker contributed were content-rich with generous information as well.  I filled 118 pages with handwritten notes (nearly an entire notebook) of excellent advice, wisdom and sensible gleanings.  It was intense, all of it.  I started the day exhausted, I ended the day more exhausted.  I must find a word for this greater level of flat-out shattered.

The day itself was like most of my days in that sense, to be honest – I pack as much as I can into every single day, mentally shifting, communicating, learning, learning, moving, moving inch by inch, working on a range of projects, wearing a few different hats … sometimes conked out physically, but always ‘at it’ somehow.  I need a team, I need some ‘oxen to pull the plough’, I need an equipped office and back up behind me, a fair amount of support to reach wherever it is that I am headed ~ not yet clear ~ perhaps soon those will come.  For now, I am doing my best to keep up with the pace.

The Mega Speaker event was brilliant for me, and delivered in so many ways.  It offered opportunity, resource, potential for the future and wide-open, international thinking, the prospect of which thrills me.  It gave me renewed hope.  It made a wonderful and uplifting change from my current daily environment and the grind … most people get paid to sit on a chair, work consistently at a task, stand at a photocopier, and get paid for taking tea breaks.  I work; I sit, but I am not paid at the moment for anything much that I do.  In fact, to be brutally honest, I am at the bottom of the income pile and I have only one way to go from this point: Up.

Mercifully, at this training event there was nothing else for me to do except sit still, listen, engage, concentrate intently and write furiously fast, as the words tumbled out of JT and his fellow Speaker / Trainers.  My word, they had a lot to give us!  JT Foxx, despite his couple or so hours’ worth of sleep, was on top form … he was tired though … and tiredness is probably visible in each of our eyes, in the photograph.  JT had promised a year ago that he would be there, apparently, and was true to his word.  Loyalty and keeping his word matter to this man; I honour and like that very much indeed.

As I drove home afterwards, I felt intensely grateful to have had the ability and the instinct to attend the all-day event, the chance at growing and stretching without having had to focus on anything else.  What luxury to focus on one topic, one subject at a time, to stretch myself mentally, physically and intellectually, the extent of this too complicated to explain,  and to come back with a basket full of ‘harvest’ to sort through and unpack.  I am excited to see what lies over the next horizon.

The adventure of life is incredible, when we open our eyes to see and our hearts to feel it.  I hope to have the chance to catch up with JT Foxx again, in person, but am not yet sure where or how that will happen.  Let’s see.  I do not easily or readily identify with the  local cultural climate and would happily travel anywhere to broaden horizons, to share, to uplift and to speak, given the resources to do so.  In the meantime, I am studying JT Foxx’s excellent coaching material, along with a number of other tools and a very special brain training programme I am working with and through at the moment, all studies and work I am doing to prepare to take my life beyond the countryside and the isolating ‘four walls’.

My attendance at “Mega Speaker” last week will, I am sure, soon see me embracing new and wonderful adventures, as the doors and the means to pursue those are shown.

With trust and belief in great things to come!


Holly x

PS. Look out for a book called Millionaire Underdog by JT Foxx.  I hear it is an excellent business book.



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