Why Has WordPress Withdrawn Support?

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The WordPress Daily Prompt has disappeared and some of us are mystified.

Why has WordPress withdrawn support for Writers and Bloggers on the WordPress platform to quickly reach and read and encourage one another’s work?  This seems ludicrous, especially when one pays a Premium fee to host a website and does what one does with excellence, bringing variety, standards of finesse and even traffic to the WordPress world!

There is a noticeable shift in the number of posts being read by fellow Writers in the WordPress arena, and it seems that many are feeling as though a door has been shut in their face.  It might be time, already, for WordPress – the Happiness Engineers and those responsible for their jobs and the work of the contributors to WordPress worldwide – to take a moment to reflect on the general mood of those who were writing in response to such as the “Daily Prompt”,  previously encouraged by finding increased interest in their articles after linking to those? There is now a void.

I am sure I am not alone in feeling completely mystified … the comments that I have chanced to see recently, via the WordPress Reader, have have certainly appeared to be bemused.

WordPress, perhaps this is time to make amends and help, rather than hinder, your ‘loyal’ team of independent (unpaid) Writers and creators of content around the world?


Holly x

Holly M Maxwell Boydell

4 thoughts on “Why Has WordPress Withdrawn Support?

    • Thanks for that, Ryan.

      Yes, currently dot com. Presently easier for me to use dot com, I think – so much to learn with dot org – but appreciate your advice to jump across. I’ve recently connected with a WP MeetUp group fairly nearby and many / most of them are with dot org, but are far more tech agile than I am at the moment. Learning all the time.

      So grateful for the contact and support, thank you! 🙂



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