No Benefit Through Enquiry – A Poem

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No Benefit Through Enquiry – A Poem

Do not ponder on the analysis of a situation,
Do not delve too deeply into any question,
Do not read and reread into any motive,
Do not inquire into the meaning of a statement.

Remain content with every answer,
Remain dumb to double-purpose,
Remain satisfied with unexplained significance,
And deaf to underlying design.

Never question specific probability,
Never seek out alternative direction,
Never investigate the enormity of circumstance,
Nor the possible disloyalty of a determined gesture.

Resort to contentment in all spheres,
At rest in equilibrium as presented.
For the static state of mind is required of you,
And by this rule you shall abide –
Ignorant of possible ulterior motive or the choice of different course.

For happy is the unchallenged man
And happier yet will he be in the knowledge
That you question neither his instructions, philosophies nor advice …

You ARE content – remain so.



This poem, with a sarcastic conclusion, was written on 2 May 1983.

Holly M Maxwell





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