The House & The Holly Trees

Once upon a time, there was a little old house in the country. The little old house had seen many people come and go over the two hundred odd years of its lifetime, especially in the decades since the church of the land had sold it to ‘ordinary’ folk, some decades ago.

Many owners had bought and sold the little old house, one had given her a major makeover in the 1970s, one had created a miniature ‘botanic garden’ within her grounds, but otherwise it seemed that she had never really been properly loved and appreciated for who she really is.

One day a lady called Holly saw her and felt her crying out for care and a loving touch …

And in time, despite not being able to fix her weary structure nor shore up her small but grand foundation or old slate roof, this owner felt the soul of the little old house and her garden, felt sensitive to the reason she had been built there, on a site carefully chosen for its sense of alignment and keeping God first, in tune with Creation and the rhythm of the elements on Earth.

When tiny holly trees began to pop up around the little old house, the lady called Holly wondered what on earth was behind it …

Just seedlings emerging from the fruit of grandparent holly trees in the grounds, or a message about something more?

A little tale, just for fun. Well, sort of. Quite mysterious too.



Holly x




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