A Rainbow In Edinburgh

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I was in a meeting in Edinburgh on Friday 13th October. Suddenly an entire rainbow formed in front of my eyes. The moment was incredible.

The rainbow was a pure arc of beauty, promise and grace. It meant so much. Some others nearby noticed it, some seemed to take it for granted. I took it to heart. My meeting was coming to an end and the Creator of the Universe chose that moment to let me know that he is well pleased. He was included in the meeting, he was thanked at the end of it … we did not mind who heard. My friend and I both felt the sign to be of immense value. The business of our meeting was blessed.

“Hold On”, the rainbow said, “I am right there, in the midst. All is well”.

The rainbow lasted for several minutes … the moment was intense and laden with grace.

And it is these things that give one compass strength to be one’s humblest, most truthful, and absolute best. In all things.



Holly x






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