Evening In The Heather Hills

IMG_4402 - THTT signed


We sat way up in the heather hills, nibbling our daughter’s deliciously crisp ginger biscuits, chatting as a foursome while the sun went down, marvelling at the rainbow that had only moments before arched in magnificence over us. Alone in the hills, we four and our hound, the powerful, full, rainbow seemed a promise of the most encouraging I had ever seen.

Nibbling, windswept from evening breezes, from bounding through heather and fading bracken with Willow, beside waters so crystal clear, the only sounds those of Nature and our tones …

I knew that I knew that I knew that, on this earth, none of us is ever alone. There is Life all around us, Love waiting to come into our hearts and to make us whole again. Grace is everywhere … We just need to learn to trust and to be still.



Holly x









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