Tackling Blog Technology

Tuesday 24th February 2015

Oh dear … I have managed to erase the carefully installed Menu headings on The Holly Tree Tales, and now they are all lumped into one basket called “Gardens”. The Garden of Life is playing games with me again. Three steps forward, five steps back.

Three weeks ago, I managed to remove all of the right hand side of the face of le Blog. Thank goodness for my daughter, who managed to practise long-distance, remote-controlled surgery on the workings of le Blog for me, re-establishing my equilibrium and techno relationship with this mysterious monster.

Who knew that #blogs had #slugs? Did you?
I learnt that one, today. I learn something new every day.

Perhaps once I have mastered this, Life will hand me an ‘honorary doctorate’.
I’ve certainly put in the hours!

So, back to the drawing board …
I wonder where all the other material has disappeared to?
Hmmm ….

Keep calm and breathe ...

Keep calm and breathe …

Took a break, cleared my head. Returned to retackle the task …
Have now restored the two original menu headings.
However, not sure what has happened to the ‘Garden’ menu heading.
This could go on forever.
Sooner or later, we shall have lift off and the ‘building’ will be complete, leaving only detail and decoration to attend… but the structure creation is testing my perseverance. Severely.

Falling back in love with the process … having remembered how to change the name of a “Category” at least.
The Menu creation will have to wait, and so will all that I was going to write on those ‘static’ pages of the Menu today (yes, I now know that they are ‘static’, and what ‘static’ means in Blog Speak. Progress.)

To my dear Readers,
Sincere thanks for your patience while this all evolves.
So much to tell, so many pictures, so many words, just can’t quickly get it all onto here and in readable form.
Thank you for coming along on the ride!

Holly x

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