Forgive To Be Free

  Forgive To Be Free   When I was a teenager, after my first stepfather died, tragically, I remember discovering deep inside me a thought that the deeper the pain, the more the capacity for love / happiness / joy ... as if the pain was like a drill, making space to fill the void … Continue reading Forgive To Be Free

Introducing a Voluntary Financial Donation Facility to The Holly Tree Tales And Why

Some months ago, WordPress notified me that a new facility had been created, which would enable the owners of blogs like my own (Premium and Business themes) to add a payment button to our websites.  At first I decided to 'file' that information, feeling that my technological muscles had been sufficiently challenged and that I … Continue reading Introducing a Voluntary Financial Donation Facility to The Holly Tree Tales And Why

The Fruit Of Our Lives ~ A Testimony

It is the end of the second week in January.  I look outside and see a thick blanket of mist covering the countryside, visibility only possible within the boundaries of our property.  It might clear to be a beautiful sunny Winter's day later, but the weather forecast sounds gloomy.  It is hard to be upbeat … Continue reading The Fruit Of Our Lives ~ A Testimony

In The Chicken Joint ~ A Satirical Poem

  In The Chicken Joint – A Satirical Poem Just ordinary people leading ordinary lives Just pink and brown and white folk Snacking on their chicken Chomping at their chips Sucking on their softdrinks And mucking up their fingers The coleslaw a gooey mess shoved aside. What sort of people come here? Why so many … Continue reading In The Chicken Joint ~ A Satirical Poem

Courage To Be Real

I recently received a message from someone I have never met, whom I learnt has had a very challenging life and has a very sad childhood story. The message was so heartfelt and so grateful  ... it moved me beyond tears ... this post is a result of receiving that message. Apparently my 'being real' … Continue reading Courage To Be Real

A Visit to RHS Harlow Carr in Spring

This is about more than just a garden visit. I am writing this blogpost retrospectively, having visited RHS Harlow Carr in early Spring this year.  Our visit this time, occurred just as the buds were opening on the blossom trees (prunus of several types), the fresh leaves were unfurling in many shades of green on … Continue reading A Visit to RHS Harlow Carr in Spring

Delicious Tomato Soup

I made this tangy tomato soup for a family lunch this week and it was delicious. As my son is about to head off to university too, his older sister having graduated last year, it seems like a good time to add to the recipes already noted on my blog so that he (and others) … Continue reading Delicious Tomato Soup

Forgiveness Is Key

    On Forgiveness, in life generally and from a Christian perspective ...   Forgiveness is the starting point of any type of success, and is necessary every hour, every day. Forgiveness is one of the driving factors that prevent childishness, tantrums, delays, excuses, the laying of blame ... and all other forms of behaviour … Continue reading Forgiveness Is Key

Being Busy

We are now all mini satellite offices, carrying our Reception Desks and Admin Departments in our hands, pockets, handbags ... "Think of the ant ..." Now consider the eagle. "A bee is praised, a mosquito is swatted ..." Open eyes and see what's going on, really. Balanced views are critical to sustainable success. ❤ Holly … Continue reading Being Busy

Walking Kindly On This Earth

  Thoughts on how each of us could take steps to walk a little more kindly on the Earth.  A message with a few ideas for little things to do, which many of us (who have the means and the tools to read features online) might easily be able to put into practice. ~ : ~ WALKING KINDLY ON THIS … Continue reading Walking Kindly On This Earth