Delicious Tomato Soup

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I made this tangy tomato soup for a family lunch this week and it was delicious. As my son is about to head off to university too, his older sister having graduated last year, it seems like a good time to add to the recipes already noted on my blog so that he (and others) can refer to them for inspiration.

Please note that all the recipes included on The Holly Tree Tales are those which have been created in our kitchen at home, which I have used myself and, in most cases, devised the recipes for. As far as possible, ingredients sourced are organic and many of the fruits, vegetables and herbs included are / have been grown in my own organic garden.


Delicious Tomato Soup


1 medium onion – peeled and chopped
3 cloves garlic – peeled, core removed, chopped
2 TBS extra virgin olive oil

2 cartons / tins of about 390g each organic tomatoes (chopped)
Half teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon fresh thyme (destalked)
About ten fresh basil leaves – sliced (reserve a few to sprinkle onto soup when serving)

About 1 litre filtered water
1 teaspoon seasalt (flakes)
ground black pepper to taste
1 heaped teaspoon vegetable bouillon powder (preferably organic)
1 teaspoon honey

Serve with chopped chives and sprinkle with a few slithers of basil leaf.
(can drizzle a little cream over too)


1.  In a suitably sized saucepan over a low heat, saute the onion and garlic in the olive oil, gently, until the onion is translucent (take care not to burn the garlic).

2. Add the chopped tomatoes and herbs, stir and leave to simmer for about five minutes, to enable the flavours to merge and intensify.

3. Pour in the water (add more later, if needed) and add the seasoning, bouillon and honey. Stir and leave to simmer a further five minutes.

4. Take off the heat, and blend with a hand blender (or place in a processor), until smooth.  Taste and adjust seasoning, if required.

Serve as suggested above.
Scrumptious accompanied by fresh bread, butter and cheeses.



In good health,

Holly x

PS. Do let me know if you make the soup ~ I look forward to hearing that it was a great success!

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