Helping Mandela To Feed And To Empower 101 Children In Uganda


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Mandela Salim Buluma is the son of a wise Farmer in Africa. 

Named for Nelson Mandela, the late President of South Africa, Mandela Salim Buluma was born and raised in Uganda, is one of seven siblings and has incredibly created a loving home for 101 orphaned children in his native country.

I recently ‘met’ Mandela on Clubhouse, when he was invited to speak on Pete Cohen‘s stage. My heart was moved by what I heard and how sustainably and beautifully inclined his vision is.

Having been born and raised in Africa myself, with a heart for children and their empowerment too, I was instantly touched by what I heard of Mandela’s story and how he is teaching the children, as well as providing them with a caring home.

On Tuesday 10 August 2021, I interviewed Mandela on video, but the poor sound quality using very basic and scant communication systems, meant that the message is a little hard to hear.  You can see the interview on YouTube.  It is recommended that you switch on the sub-titles to help you to understand what is being said.



On Wednesday 11 August 2021, I again interviewed Mandela, this time on Clubhouse itself, for a better quality of sound.  This recording is the brief conversation that we had, sandwiched in between our other meetings, as Mandela was rushing from room to room on the audio app, sharing his story. It was quite a feat for us to co-ordinate this!





On Friday 13 August there will be an event on Clubhouse, running for a full 24 hours from 6.00am, hosted by Pete Cohen and Chris Connors (CoCo’s Foundation). It is all about leadership. 

The Clubhouse event is a fundraiser to help Mandela to raise £10,000 to buy land, which he plans to farm, in order to grow food, and to teach the children about economy and entrepreneurship as well.

Giving will be ongoing and managed by CoCo’s Foundation, who do other valuable work for children too.

God in Action Uganda 1 world 1 child at a time.

Mandela’s vision is to become independent and free from asking for donations. He wants to do this by purchasing land near his village to create a farm allowing him to teach the children various skills from the children’s home.

You are cordially invited to listen in to the leadership talks on Clubhouse on Friday 13 August 2021 and to make a donation to this worthy cause.




I am looking forward to an ongoing relationship with Mandela Salim Buluma and the children whom he and his team are so beautifully caring for in Uganda. 

It is my hope that you will also feel moved and inspired by this story and the great love that is being shared in Africa, by another special man called Mandela.

With love,

Holly x


Holly Maxwell Boydell
Author, Editor and Founder



💛  * PAGE UPDATED: Monday 11 July 2022 *


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