A Gift From Our Home To Yours

A gift from our home to yours, wherever you are in life, business and personal circumstances, Winners.

We are each on this planet to learn, to grow and to become more. More of the light, more of the love, more of what sustains life.

Every seed we sow does something: it either dies or it grows. It either flourishes or it struggles. What are the reasons for each?

When we stop. Take a moment. Reflect. Become self aware. Allow the realisation of a root to become conscious … then we can see where the weeds are. We have the choice in the moment to make a better decision.

My home as a Wife and a Mother has always had the essence of love and care in it, through thick and thin, through rough and smooth, in suburbia, city and remote countryside. No matter how, health, happiness and wellbeing have always come first …

And yet, even this, in both global hemispheres and on two continents, can be bruised and harmed and theatened, when there is what Tim Storey described, in The Winners Club on Clubhouse, as a “dividing force”.

For every answer, we need our brains engaged, but we make the best decisions about those things that REALLY MATTER from our HEART.

Families are what sustains society; businesses change lives or not.

Please be aware of why we bring children into the world and how the family began … with two hearts …

For those who are struggling in relationships, I just want to say that we need to listen, learn and grow.

For those who are married and finding pressure building up, please note:

Your Spouse is Your Best Friend and you both got married to be HAPPY.

Marriage is designed for happiness and marriage is two people agreeing to be in a sacred space of love, which has many faces and is designed to grow and evolve and always give.

1 Corinthians 13, applied to everything … marriage, home, parenting, environment, business, education, banking, coaching … etc etc … is THE ANSWER.

From my heart to yours …

I send you LOVE.

From our organic table to yours …

I send you grace.

From our children to yours …

I send you hope.

From our organic garden to yours …

I send you health.

From my journey to yours …

I send you peace.

Be still.


Act with wisdom and from a loving heart …

And receive … with grace …


Mindfully and with love,

Holly x

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