Cape Town And Thoughts of Home And Heritage

This week the most horrific fires have been raging in Cape Town, started by arsonists, fueled by pine and eucalyptus, fanned by the breath of the South Easter Wind, a gale that knows no limits. In the midst of prayers for family and friends there, I penned these thoughts …

My brother and sister-in-law gave me this book, The Bo-Kaap Kitchen, for Christmas a few years ago.

Today my eye fell on the book and I picked it up and hugged it. None of us are in Cape Town, but so many I love are there. It is a most beautiful place. It is a key part of our heritage and soul.

I placed the book on the dining room sideboard, before my tears soaked it.

I realised that there are symbols here, on the sideboard, hints of me putting my broken life back together again. And the tears began to flow more.

My papers to renew my South African passport have been waiting since 2019 to attend. I have had ‘earthquakes’ under me and my life has been rug-pulled so many times.

On the other side, are photos and documents that describe my family heritage and roots. Strong British roots. Strong South African roots. There is a family tree taking me to William The Conqueror … French, Danish, Jewish … many roots … many incredible influences, some phenomenal Influencer in there too, whose name/s I won’t drop here.

Helicopters swirl over Cape Town and fire fighters are doing their best to save, rescue, to douse embers, to put out what rages still. It has been a massive experience for people there. Heritage has been destroyed and history burnt. People have run for their lives. An entire university has been affected … they will all have stories and memories … they will all find ways to rejuvenate and to rebuild, to find the roots and to shore up the foundations, to build up, to look out, to be strong.

That is the South African spirit: we make a plan.

My British heritage also influences how I do emergency, handle crisis … we get on with it, get organised, rally the troops, straighten our backs … help one another …

There is so much to feel right now as I simply glance across the room at the sideboard of our dining room.
So much symbolism here.

In the tin: a gift for a friend. I’ll get to sending the contents of that soon too …

For now, simply a moment to reflect.

And then square my shoulders and get on with it. I have work to do and the daily podcast cannot wait.

God help and bless South Africa. That country needs so much love and care, so much Hope too. ♥️🙏🏼


Holly x

Listen to Holly’s podcast message for today, which was inspired by the situation in Cape Town this week:


If you are interested in knowing more about the book, The Bo-Kaap Kitchen, it is published by Quivertree Publications, an independent publishing house based in Cape Town. I discovered them today for the first time (online) and am delighted to have done so.

The beautiful painting of Cape Town, in the image above, is by South African artist, James Yates. More about his work can be found on his website.

If you love blue and white porcelain, as I do, here is a selection for sale on Amazon, which you can view using my [affiliate] link.

The original version of this article can be found on my Instagram page.

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