When Life Gets Real

Holly. Beeswax. Candle. Light. Evergreen. The Holly Tree Tales.  (c) Holly M Maxwell Boydell  www.TheHollyTreeTales.com

Are you going through tough times?

If you are, then I hope my sharing here will give you the hug that you might need.  This is a true story.  It happened to me.

~ : ~

Last night I walked into a room full of people having a party. I knew a few of them. I saw tables full.

I burst into tears.

I was about to drive back home, an hour away.

Eventually I dried my eyes and put my shoulders back tiredly.

Someone found me a seat.

I was relieved to see the person next to me was someone who knew me.

The group wrapped me in their embrace.

The love was real. Each person humble. No one more important than anyone else.

I arrived home close to midnight, driving back under the bright stars.

Don’t for a moment think that my life is easy.

It isn’t.

One day it will be.

For now, it is relentlessly tough.

I am grateful for every small gesture of love.

I am grateful for breath to go on.

And still I laugh.

Even in the tears.


Holly x

PS. The kind soul who hugged me when I cried, and stood in the loo with me while I cleaned up my face, telling me how pleased she was to meet me, who hailed from Maryland, USA, turned out to be a masters student social worker. Well, yes, the Holy Spirit does have a sense of humour. He is a Maverick, as one of my friends recently pointed out.

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Holly. Beeswax. Candle. Light. Evergreen. The Holly Tree Tales.  (c) Holly M Maxwell Boydell  www.TheHollyTreeTales.com

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