Test It All Against The Truth Of Love ~ Revised

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Almost two years ago, I posted this on The Holly Tree Tales and it seems fitting, on this first day of December, to rehearse it.  Here is the revised version.



While we whinge about aspects of our First World lives, so opulent in so many ways, babies are starving, people are aching for unconditional love, mothers are desperately trying to rise above the humiliation of poverty, business people are seeing the futility of the fast buck when they receive medical shocks …

People are sleeping rough on the streets, children are crying and afraid, parents are carrying their children away from war torn conflict, the earth is heaving and groaning in agony as we treat it like a useless machine …

Every man has a duty to wake up and examine himself.

Every woman has a duty to forgive her peers and show them unconditional love …

Every one of us has a duty to work on returning to what really matters and that is not One Upmanship …

What really matters is how much we love.

Love is an entire subject of its own.

Love does not rob, covet, nor harm in any way. Love loves.

That’s what brought us each into the world. That’s where we came from. That’s where we might return … To Love.

How we live now determines how we’ll be then.

Love applies to everything.

Test it all against the truth of Love.



~ Holly ~


PS. The original version can be found at https://thehollytreetales.com/2016/12/08/test-it-all-against-the-truth-of-love/.




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