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For those who regularly read the articles here, you might have noticed lately that a fair amount of poetry has been featured on The Holly Tree Tales‘ blog. To my surprise and increasing pleasure, the poetry has received a growing audience, which is greatly appreciated. One never knows what might appeal to others to read.  It has come as a significant surprise to discover that there are people who wish to read my scribbled lines, words plonked onto paper through the pen or keyboard (manual, electric and social media) during or beyond or in observance of all sorts of experiences, my own and others’, over many years.

As the poetry posts on The Holly Tree Tales have been getting attention lately, I thought it was time to make them more readily accessible. Thus, in order to make it simple to find the full compilation of poems on the blog, I have created a list and included this on the Poetry page – which is reached via the drop down menu, under the heading “Other”. Here is a link to the Poetry page:  https://thehollytreetales.wordpress.com/poetry/.  The list will be added to, as poems are published on The Holly Tree Tales, both my own and those by other authors.

Unusually, some of the poetry that I have written myself and published here, has been written directly onto the blog itself. One such poignant example is the poem “Collecting Leaves” [13 November 2015] https://thehollytreetales.wordpress.com/2015/11/13/collecting-leaves-a-poem-with-little-punctuation/ which, as it later became evident, had been written mere moments before the atrocity that hit Paris on that day. I was floored when I realised the timing of that … and so wrote an amended version https://thehollytreetales.wordpress.com/2015/11/21/poem-collecting-leaves-revised-version/ [21 November 2015], leaving out a couple of lines, in sympathy for all the victims of that heinous crime.  I do, however, still remain unfazed by the Fridays 13th, no longer given to follow superstitions of any kind at all. As it says in the book of Ecclesiastes … “For everything there is a season” … and we each know that every day has enough worries or blessings of its own to experience. I refuse to give a day, number or even a ladder the power of negativity over my life.

Most of the poems that have been published on The Holly Tree Tales’ blog to date, have been penned on paper or typed on a typewriter or word processor … a few have been compiled straight onto my computer or smart phone, in more recent times. The majority of my existing poems were written decades ago. I have never thought of myself as a poet, but words are what I have always written down and some have begun to look like poems, seemingly of their own accord. Most of these ‘creations’ have never before seen the light of day and are published on this platform, for the very first time.

These are the two current lists of Poems on The Holly Tree Tales, for you to peruse and enjoy at leisure, copied from the Poetry page itself:


A. List of Poems by the Author that have been published on The Holly Tree Tales

An Ode to South Africa
Published on the site on 11 August 2015

Ek Wil Huis Toe Gaan ~ An Ode to South Africa ~ With Translation
Published on the site on 14 August 2015

Caught Betwixt
Published on the site on 17 May 2015

Collecting Leaves ~ A Poem With Little Punctuation
Published on the site on 13 November 2015
This is the original version of “Collecting Leaves”, and was written directly onto The Holly Tree Tales.

Collecting Leaves ~ Revised Version
Published on the site on 21 November 2015

Laughter of the Totally Free
Published on the site on 12 March 2016

A Poem To A Young Man Entering The Army
Published on the site on 26 July 2017

New Hope
Published on the site on 28 July 2017

My World
Published on the site on 30 July 2017

In The Garden Of The Mind
Published on the site on 22 August 2017

Love Spent In A Moment
Published on the site on 16 September 2017

Hope Regained
Published on the site on 20 September 2017

You And Me
Published on the site on 4 October 2017

Discovering Farewell
Published on the site on 7 October 2017

[main list to be added to as poems are published]
© Holly M Maxwell Boydell.    All rights reserved.

* * *

B. Poems on The Holly Tree Tales, written by Other Writers

She Let Go
by Safire Rose
Published on the site on 17 June 2015

May You Always Feel Loved
by Sandra Sturtz Hauss
Published on the site on 2 October 2015

by Rudyard Kipling
Published on the site on 6 October 2015


* * *


I am still learning how to drive this machine called a website and blog and have not yet figured out a simpler way of providing a list. Thank you for the kind comments and the ‘likes’ on each post. They mean a lot to a novice on the wide-open stage of internet life.


With love,

Holly x


PS. If you would like to receive updates on Poetry and more, please follow the blog. Thank  you.




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