The Doors of Life

Life has closed certain doors to me at the moment, some hopefully only temporarily, and so I am learning to work with the doors that remain open, or which have opened instead.

There are ‘doors’ that I have consciously closed myself, and some that I have unconsciously shut and locked, at least for now, perhaps until I rediscover the keys, and there are some that I am yet to learn how to lock forever, and throw away their keys.  In this sense, I know that I belong fairly and squarely in the human race, that I am just like any other ordinary person, and that even the seemingly extraordinary ones are all ordinary too.

There is nothing wrong, abnormal or strange about making mistakes, being misguided or sub-consciously limiting our own lives – but when we consciously do that, we can also consciously know that we have the power to stand in our own choices.  Many of our choices have not been conscious, or we have been living at the mercy of other people’s decisions over our own lives.  When we are able to see this, we have begun to walk on a conscious path, and that is the way to reclaim our lives, but there will always be times when we act or think without awareness. The best we can do, when we suffer the consequences, is to learn from those experiences and those ‘mistake moments’, using them to propel us forward with greater wisdom.

I do not believe that any one person has all the answers to every situation, except perhaps for those which they have personally experienced and learnt to rise above, themselves.

We are each very much in charge (although not always in control) of how we think about our circumstances, moment by moment, even when the big picture is unclear.  Therefore, when Life closes doors to us, we have the choice of making the most of the space that we are currently in, speaking out or getting free, and using the awareness of the situation as a guide to how best we might proceed.  First, the awareness … and the knowing that sometimes Life will keep the doors closed, until we have received the message that a situation is there to teach us.

Things do happen for a reason, and even those circumstances that seem unfair will carry a message somehow, providing us with new insights or tools for our life journey.

This is the attitude with which I am doing my best to approach my own current situation, while I wait in hope that certain doors will open.  I am present for the lessons that Life itself is teaching, doing what I can to suck the juice out of every moment.  Life has ‘told’ me to stop all else and to write … something that I have done from an early age, but which has never before had so much of my time and concentrated focus. Perhaps once I have written enough, Life will open the next door, or reopen one that I was already pursuing with my full attention, but which seemed to close itself.

It will be interesting to see where this writing and life process will lead … At this time, I have the sense that I am merely the one holding the wheel, while in the driving seat of many writing ‘vehicles’. We shall see where Life wants to take this, and I shall ‘steer’, as long as Life provides the ‘fuel’ and leads the way.

Doors open, and doors close. Our challenge is to stand in the space between them, find and hold our peace, and act on the prompts to follow.

Holly x

The Doors of Life come in many guises.

The Doors of Life come in many guises.


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