Image is all about ego

On this chilly Tuesday morning, as I watched the sun spreading its light across the sky, with a hotwater bottle pressed firmly against my back, I wrote a few words in my journal, which I thought I would share via The Holly Tree Tales today… on the ‘ego’ and what we present to the world as our ‘image’:

Image is all about ego, and your ego is not who you are.
Ego is complete deception.
The person you are is hidden deep beneath your ego, your exterior circumstances and life situation, and the physical first impressions that others have of you.
When  you learn to come home to who you really are, and realise that who you really are is a free human Being, you have less need to focus on exterior, cover-ups, deception and labels – of yourself or of others.
When you live as authentically as possible, you attract others who are living authentically too, or who want to do so, and life takes on a whole new meaning and vibrancy, at a level way beneath and beyond what is only seen on the surface.

Morning light in Winter

Morning light in Winter

Oh, and I seem to have managed to add a caption this time!
Things are looking good.

Holly x

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