Delicious Tomato Soup

I made this tangy tomato soup for a family lunch this week and it was delicious. As my son is about to head off to university too, his older sister having graduated last year, it seems like a good time to add to the recipes already noted on my blog so that he (and others) … Continue reading Delicious Tomato Soup

Mushroom Soup

  Holly’s Organic Mushroom Soup Note: As with all of my cooking, baking and other food preparation, ingredients are organic - or at least as natural and fresh as possible. About four servings. Ingredients: 1-2 Tablespoons extra virgin Olive oil 1 Punnet Chestnut Mushrooms (approx 250-300g) 1 Leek 1 Red Chilli (with or without seeds … Continue reading Mushroom Soup