Thoughts on a friend’s birthday

It is a special friend's birthday today and I am thinking of her, wishing that we could see one another and celebrate her birthday together ... but she is in the southern hemisphere and I am in the northern hemisphere, so I am going to content myself with sending her thoughts of happiness and strength and joy instead. … Continue reading Thoughts on a friend’s birthday

When we can see the beauty in a flower

This small piece was first 'published' via The White Space at on 25 January 2015.  I copy it here, for anyone who needs to be reminded of beauty, or to receive a hug of understanding in their moment of difficulty.  ~ : ~   When we can see the beauty in a flower, it says more about … Continue reading When we can see the beauty in a flower

The Power of Prosperity

As I woke this morning, I heard the words “the power of prosperity”, repeating themselves in my mind. At first I was amused, and then I picked up my pen and golden notebook and wrote down what follows ... What is ‘The Power of Prosperity’? It is a form of surrender to what you already … Continue reading The Power of Prosperity